White Label Provided by H&B Exchange

  • Industry's Lowest
    Handling Fees
  • Better Yield than
    Opening are Ensured
  • Substantial Support
    System Available

What is White Labeling ?

White Labeling is a service in which one company's originally developed products
or services can be distributed by other companies to users, under their own brand.


Better yeild results
than when the exchange
opens are ensured.
Setting of the
commission fees
is unrestricted
Customer Management
Displays are provided.
Affiliate system
is provided.
In the event one's
company applies for
a listing examination,
the company is able to
receive the listing fees.


White Label Contract Fee:
 Approximately 45000 USD worth of BTC
Server Fees:
 Approximately 4500 USD worth of BTC

* Management display systems,
etc are included in the white label fees.

* Obtaining domains, creating a homepage, and responding*
to inquiries is to be conducted by one's own company.

White Label Implementation Prriod

After the contract is completed, starting operations
will take approximately one month.
however, this will only be possible after H&B
Exchange operations start, or a similar date.

H&B Exchange is scheduled to start its White Label
services during the 1st half of the 2020.

For furthers details on the white label,
please cantact us via the inquiry below.


* Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese


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