Announcement of changes in System Specification

Thank you for using H&B Exchange.

There is some news that we must notify our users of.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic engulfing the world, our staff have been limited to working from home, in a smaller capacity than usual.
Security-wise, it is not an ideal situation to manage our customer’s private data this way, and we always aim to put our user’s interest first.
We have therefore made the decision to temporarily cease certain operations for the time being, from May 31st 8:00 AM (UTC+0), 2020.
The below functions will be disabled:
・Cryptocurrency Trade System
・Deposit Function

Login, Balance Confirmation, and Withdrawals functions are able to be used as usual.

We will notify you and users on our homepage, when our above operations can be confirmed to be up and running again.
Moreover, regarding listing, given the current state of affairs both globally and economically, we are taking very cautious measures as to what timing we should list.
We will put our user’s interests first and foremost.

We will officially notify users of our schedule once we have come to a decision, so we ask for your patience and understanding.