Announcement of the holding of an IEO

Thank you for using H&B Exchange.

We have confirmed the holding of an IEO, and here we would like to make an official announcement. The details of the IEO are as below.

Exchange hosting the IEO: P2PB2B
IEO Period:
Session 1 - Feb. 5th to Feb. 10th, 2020
Session 2 - Feb. 14th to Feb. 27th, 2020
Session 3 - Mar. 5th to Mar. 19th, 2020

Pricing: 1 HBXT = 10 satoshi
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, USDT

For further details, please click here.

In addition, once the IEO has concluded, we are in talks to conduct the listing of HBXT on a number of exchanges, including the aforementioned exchange.
Once we have confirmed the details, we will notify our users.

We look forward to your continued use and support of H&B Exchange.

H&B Team