Announcement of service suspension in accordance with Ethereum Upgrade ※Updated

Thank you for your continued use and support of H&B Exchange.

The upgrade of Ethereum (referred to as Istanbul) is set to be executed at a block height of 9,069,000.
In accordance with this upgrade, here at H&B Exchange we will temporarily suspend all deposits and withdrawals of Ethereum and related ERC-20 compliant tokens until we can ensure a safe transaction environment.

This upgrade is a modifying of specification, so there are no plans for a new cryptocurrency to emerge at the time being.
【Cryptocurrencies subject to suspension of deposit/withdrawal】
ERC-20 compliant tokens based on the Ethereum network
・Elysian (ELY) ・Instant Access Medical (IAM)
・Teacher Coin (TCH) ・Connect Mining Coin (XCMG) ・Maecenas (ART)

Deposit/Withdrawal suspension scheduled start time: Dec. 7th, 01:00 (UTC)
Please ensure that you allot a sufficient amount of time for deposits and withdrawals of affected tokens beforehand.
※It is possible that the safety and stability of the blockchain may be affected.
If any of the affected tokens are sent to H&B Exchange from an external service during the suspension period, problems may cause the inability to confirm its receipt. Please be aware that this would mean that the deposit would not be correctly reflected in your account's balance.

Deposit/Withdrawal recommencement date: Unconfirmed
Resuming of deposit/withdrawals will be commenced once we have deemed the platform to be suitable for activity. As soon as we have confirmed a set time, we will make a news announcement through our various news channels.

Please note that only deposits/withdrawals will be suspending, and trading will commence as usual.M
We ask for your understanding and support.

※Updated on Dec. 11th, 2019
Deposit/Withdrawal Scheduled Resumption Time: Dec. 11th, 12:00 UTC (2019)