Announcement of holding an IEO of HnB Exchange Token (HBXT)

Thank you for your continued use and support of H&B Exchange.

Currently H&B Exchange is in talks to conduct an IEO on one of the following platforms:
?P2Pb2b (CoinMarketCap ranking 8th)

?LATOKEN (CoinMarketCap ranking 16th)
?Dcoin (CoinMarketCap ranking 19th)
?Statistics accurate as of Nov. 25th, 2019

Each of these platforms are up in the higher rankings of CoinMarketCap, and once the hosting exchange is confirmed, we will formally announce to our community.
The date is scheduled to be during the middle of January, and the price is estimated to be set above 3 satoshi.

Also, regarding the listing of HBXT, after the completion of the IEO, talks to open trading of HBXT on the above exchanges are also in progress.
We will notify our users once details are confirmed.

We look forward to your continued support and use of H&B Exchange.