Official opening of Trading and Trading fees during the Pre-opening

Dear users,

Thank you for using H&B Exchange.
H&B Exchange has opened its trading today, on Aug. 19th.
Although this is still a tentative Pre-opening, we are looking to add more features gradually and develop into a more user-oriented experience.

Here, we would like to make an announcement.
To celebrate the Pre-opening of H&B Exchange, we would like to introduce a period where the trading fees will be free of charge!
No matter how much trading you conduct, the trading fees will be set to zero.
With this announcement, we are looking forward to an increased number of users, and greater activity of trading.

Please note that other than during this period, the trading fees will be set at a standard of 0.05% until the Grand Opening.

Trading fee exemption period:
Aug. 19th 15:00 to Oct. 19th 14:00 (HK time)

We look forward to your continued use and support of H&B Exchange.