Update on the Fixing of Technical Issues and a change in our Pre-opening Schedule

As stated in the previous updates, we have already completed the final stages of development for our exchange and are in the final stages of testing.
During these final stages, we discovered critical issues in the system and previously made the decision to delay our Pre-opening.

Our revised Pre-opening date was scheduled at June 24th 14:00 HKT, 2019, but during revisions to the systems we discovered additional issues inside the structure, meaning that more time would be needed.
With a heavy heart, we decided it would be difficult to make these corrections within the specified time period.

Up until the last minute we have been working hard to make our exchange launch date, and that is why this announcement has been made on such short notice.
We deeply apologize for our customers and those related regarding the change in schedule.
The most recent revisions to the schedule are as below:

■ Pre-opening scheduled date
Between July 8th to July 15th, 2019

We will notify once an official date has been set.
We again apologize for the repeated delays, made at such short notice.
However, we hope for your patience a little while longer.