Announcement: H&B Exchange Pre-opening date finalized!

This notification is to inform our users that the Pre-opening date of H&B Exchange has been finalized.

Pre-opening date: June 17th, 14:00 HKT

This Pre-opening also serves as a beta-stage testing implementation to prepare for the Grand Opening of H&B Exchange, scheduled to be during the 3rd quarter of 2019.
Users will be able to trade six different brands of tokens.
※There will be some partial restrictions of the trading/exchange functions.

The functions available during the Pre-opening will be as below:
・New wallet registrations
・Wallet login function
・2-stage authentication
・Application for KYC
・Deposit function (For the following eight tokens: BTC・ETH・ELY・OREO・IAM・MODL・TCH・XET)
・Withdrawal function (For the following eight tokens: BTC・ETH・ELY・OREO・IAM・MODL・TCH・XET)
・Display and viewing of various balances
・Trade functions (Basic edition)
・Limit orders
・Various history displays (Login history・Open order・Order history・Trade history)

After our Grand Opening, many more features will be implemented such as the release of H&B Token (HBT) onto the market and distribution of the trading fee revenue.

Though this may be only a tentative Pre-opening, we see it as a step in the right direction for H&B Exchange, which aims to be one of the best and most-loved exchanges in the world.

We will continue developing and evolving towards our Grand Opening during the 3rd quarter of 2019, so please stay tuned and excited for H&B Exchange!