Announcing the Postponement of the Opening of H&B Exchange

Thank you for visiting our website.
We have made the decision to postpone the opening date of H&B Exchange, from the original schedule, March 28th, to a later date due to the following reasons.

① To strengthen and provide a world-class security system;
② To bulk up our servers to be able to cope with the expected copious number of our users’ access;
③ To provide unique services and functions that will be loved and satisfy our customers.

Nowadays in the cryptocurrency industry, there have been many cases of damages caused by cyber hacking, and there are concerns regarding the security of such systems.
Here at H&B Exchange we prioritize the safety of our customers’ assets, and we are working diligently to improve the security and development of our exchange.

We have and are still receiving many listing applications from ICOs, and we are managing and conferring with them regarding the evaluations and listing dates with much effort.
Also, we have received coins/tokens to be distributed as Airdrops for our users from several of these companies.
This means we are able to conduct several Airdrops during H&B Exchange Grand Opening.
Moreover, there are a lot of unique ICOs among the listing applications we have received, and they have yet to be listed on other exchanges, meaning that their coins/tokens holders will likely join and trade on H&B Exchange.
To prevent from system overload that may happen after the launching, we are in the process of rebuilding and strengthening our servers.

Also, H&B team are currently focused on marketing the Referral and Airdrop campaigns, but we are also developing a system in which referrers can receive some kind of revenue by rights.
Once this system is completed, referrers will be able to receive Referral rewards permanently.
Other unique services and functions are being developed, such as an Arbitrage System and White Label service for other cryptocurrency exchanges.

H&B is aiming to be one of the world’s best exchanges, and we feel that this is the biggest reward we can return to our loyal users who participated in our ICO.
At H&B Exchange, by maximizing the security and minimizing the stress on our servers, by adding more cryptocurrency brands, and thus increasing the number of Airdrops each user can receive, we believe we can satisfy and please our users.
As a result, we have come to the decision of postponing our opening to further make H&B Exchange a reputable and well-loved exchange by our ICO participants.

However, there have been some voices in the community from our users that insist the opening be as early as possible.
As soon as we have completed the security and accessibility measures, we will release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of our exchange as a pre-opening and enable trading.
New functions and services will be released at a later date.

The pre-opening is scheduled to be held near the end of May. For further dates, we will release the details on our new roadmap, so please feel free to check it.

We apologize for making this announcement on such short notice. However, we aim to become the best partner for you in cryptocurrency.