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Customer Support

Job nature:Checking and handling deposit & withdrawal requests, advising work improvements. Responding to user inquiries from telephone, e-mail, IM chats and SNS etc.
Required skills:Basic computer knowledge
Fluent in English, other additional languages will be a plus.
Able to respond email inquiries by English and other additional languages will be a plus.


Job nature:Reviewing company operation structures, perform and monitor improvement plans. Handling compliance issues, complaints, management problem solving.
Required skills:Experience in compliances, company structures and management experience.
Law background and experience will be a plus.
Aggressive in business developments.


Job nature:System bug fixing, and UI coatings. Databse condition management, checking, strategy making and rapid resolving in adhoc situations.
Required skills:Over 1 year experience in PHP/Java/Javascript/c++/Python
Ambitions in FinTech system developments.
Innovative, good logic thinking are preferred.


Job nature:Business development and expansions. Deciding marketing strategies, SNS strategies etc.
Required skills:Business level English.
Proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.
Good communication skills