HnB Exchange Token


HnB Exchange Token

HnB Exchange Token is a token issued by H&B Exchange that features Airdrop.
Our exchange has Pre-opened from mid-July, and the Grand Opening will be during the first half fiscal year of 2020.
HnB Exchange Token holders are subject to exclusive privileges such as great discount in our exchange trading fee and many other exclusive benefits.
The token will be used for marketing activities in order to attract more users joining to H&B Exchange.

Token Features


Sending HBXT to another compatible wallet is quick and easy thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.


Although ownership of individual HBXT is anonymous, transactions are publicly recorded and trackable using a tool like Etherscan.


HBXT is a digital asset administered by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.


Discount in Trading Fee

Normally, the trading fee at 0.05% will be discounted to 0.01% if the trading fee is paid in HnB Exchange Token.

Rebate of Trading Fee

We will return 85% of the fee incurred at our exchanges to the token holder. 52 times rebate annually in total.

Applicable to our Unique Contents

In H&B, various contents other than trading such as gambling and many more are being prepared for our token holders to participate.

Extra Bonus from Content Income

H&B will return 50% of the profits generated in the contents of our exchanges to the token holder.

Vote for ICO Listing

HnB Exchange Token Holders are subject to vote for the potential ICO in getting them listed on H&B Exchange.


There are many innovative ideas born in the field of FinTech.
However, in the field of virtual currency, we have witnessed many brilliant coins/tokens buried under the over high standard and different review standards respectively of every exchange.
In H&B, we would like to offer a place to be connected with potential ICOs all over the world and grow together to greet the incoming virtual currency era.

White Paper

Please take a deeper look at the white paper for further understanding of the project.



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