This news follows the change in schedule of H&B Exchange's opening.
From those who participated in our previous ICOs, those who were considering participation, and those
who have received recent news and have viewed our new roadmap, we have received many requests
for additional purchases of H&B Token(HBT), so although with an insignificant amount, we have made
the decision to conduct an additional sale.


Selling price 1 sat
1 HBT selling price is 1 sat.
Sales Limit 150BTC
※The sale will conclude once 150BTC is reached.
Sale Start Date 【Pre-sale】
From Mar.22th,2019
Applicable to those who participated in Phase 1・2・3 of H&B Exchange's ICO
【Public Sale】
From Mar.29th,2019
Bonuses 5 %
Adding extra 5% of token purchased.

※There will be no distribution or guaranteed purchases.

Additional purchases of HBT through the Sale can be made by logging in to the My Page, and
clicking the "Buy Token" Link.

Referral Program

The Referral Program will also be conducted with the Additional Sale. Share your Referral Link or QR code on your social media or websites to introduce H&B Token ICO.

When new users register to H&B Exchange and join the ICO via your shared link, the referral will be rewarded with certain percentage of the purchased amount.


Referred Users: 1 to 9 users

10% of the purchased amount of HBT by those users

Referred Users: Over 10 users

20% of the purchased amount of HBT by those users

※Please confirm the details and important information before participating in the Referral Program.

For details on the Referral Program, please view here