• Date of Commence:1st Aug. 2017
  • Developer:In-house
  • Consensus Algorithm:Ethereum Network (Currently PoW)
  • Development language:Solidity, Clojurescript
  • Invested company / Investor: -
  • Inquiry Info:hello@district0x.io
  • Official Website:https://district0x.io

Dear H&B users, District0x (DNT) will soon be available for trading on H&B. Please stay tuned and invest in it!

Established in 2017, district0x is a network of decentralized marketplaces and communities powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. Marketplaces on the network, also known as districts, are built upon a standard open source framework comprised of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries. Districts provide the core functionalities required to operate an online market or community. Namely, the ability for users to post listings, filter and search through listings, rank peers and amass reputation, and send invoices and collect payments.

The district0x Network Token is used as a means of facilitating open participation and coordination on the network. The district0x Network Token can be used to signal what districts should be built and deployed by the district0x team and can be staked to gain access to voting rights in any district on the district0x Network.

Users will be able to stake DNT to districts and gain access to voting rights in any district on the district0x Network. Voting rights are utilized to come to a consensus on everything ranging from a district’s branding and design decisions, to what functionality is added to the district via auxiliary modules, to the appropriate settings for any adjustable parameters of these modules, to the means in which any revenue collected by a district is to be distributed, and beyond.

Currently there are 2 active districts - Ethlance and Name Bazaar.

Ethlance is a first of its kind job market platform for connecting freelancers and developers with employers. Its database runs entirely on the Ethereum public blockchain, and front-end source files are distributed on IPFS. As such, Ethlance is fully decentralized.

Name Bazaar is a peer-to-peer marketplace for the exchange of names registered via the Ethereum Name Service.

Our next district, which is currently under development, is called Meme Factory. This district will allow the community to create and trade provably rare digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain.