We welcome you to apply for the listing of your cryptocurrencies and projects onto H&B Exchange, expected to become one of the world's largest-scale trading exchanges.
We have had our Pre-opening in July of 2019, and are scheduled to commence our Grand Opening during the first half of 2020.

Projects are applicable for listing even during a project's ICO phase.

Listing Process

Apply for

Please submit an
application with
your project details.

Review of
the project's

H&B will review
the project's


If the review
passes, we will
ask for additional

Signing of
the contract

After submitting
all necessary
details, an
agreement contract
will be signed.


After receival of
the payment and
tokens reserved for
Airdrop, your
project will be listed.

Listing Plan

Here at H&B Exchange, we are focused on marketing through Airdrop campaigns.
Aside from the basic fees (among the lowest fees compared to the industry standards), we only ask for the tokens reserved for Airdrop.

Plans availableStandardPremiumAdvanced
Trading pairs1 pair : BTC or ETH2 pair : BTC and ETHAll pairs : BTC,ETH(USDT,HBXT)
*Trading pairs will be provided for all future Axis currencies
Time until listingWithin one month of the contractual agreementWithin 2 to 3 weeks of the contractual agreementWithin 2 to 3 weeks of the contractual agreement
PromotionSNSSNS,E-mail(one-time)SNS,E-mail(2 to 3 times)
・Personalization of the project
 introduction page
・Personalization of the project
 introduction page
・Accelerated promotion on
 H&B Exchange's homepage
・Trading fee exemption campaign
 (3 to 6 months)
・Other various support
Discounts Price of tokens reserved for Airdrop
subtracted from listing fee
Price of tokens

※Plans, prices and other content is open to negotiation.

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