We welcome you to apply the listing of your cryptocurrencies and projects to world’s largest scale trading exchange [H&B] that is scheduled to open on March 28, 2019.

The listing is applicable even during in ICO Phases.

During ICO, the project with pre-listing have decided there will have different multiple outcomes compare to ICO without pre-listing decided.


Faster project assessment procedures

Pre-listing announcement on your websites and SNS once the assessment results are positive/confirmed

H&B will announce the pre-listing of the qualified project on our official websites and SNS.

Listing Requirements:

※During the campaign period from Jan. 18th to Feb. 17th, the listing fee is 0 BTC!
・1% of all tokens to be listed.

※Due to a certain level of criteria, it is possible that we cannot list your cryptocurrency.

For details on listing:


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