Airdrop for all Registered Users!

For all the users who registered an H&B wallet before the scheduled Airdrop date, we will conduct an Airdrop of the brands below.
Even more, holders of HnB Exchange Token (HBXT) are exclusively prioritized!
We are steadily adding brands which are subject to Airdrop, so please stay tuned.

Airdrop List

Airdrop Distribution Rate

90% of the total coin/token supply for the Airdrop will be distributed equally to registered users.
As an added plus for HBXT holders, the remaining 10% will be distributed to HBXT holders accordingly to the volume they hold.

※The Airdrop tokens will be reflected upon the user’s account on the scheduled date without prior notification.
To check, please login to your Wallet and confirm that you have received the tokens.