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Corporate philosophy

In the current crypto currency market, we realized that many of tokens/coins have encountered barriers in getting their brilliant products listed on other exchanges after their ICOs stage completed due to the ICO scamming issues.

In H&B, we sincerely welcome all legitimate ICO coins/tokens with brilliant and interesting project to list on H&B Exchange. In term of the evaluation toward the listing applications, we have high level of compliance policies in our internal evaluation toward those ICO coins/tokens. However, we also believes that the true value of the certain coins/tokens will be reflected by its market price where every investor can be part of the evaluation procedure after the coin/token is listed on our exchange.

In addition, as one of the unique features of H&B Exchange, users will receive sum amount of Airdrops from multiple ICO coins/tokens instead of individual distribution.

Leading up to the year 2020, we are looking to distribute multiple coins and tokens via Airdrop to our market participants. We are striving hard to create an Exchange that will be beneficial to both ICO projects and traders alike.

About Us

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