Corporate philosophy

In the current crypto currency market, we realized that many of tokens/coins have encountered barriers in getting their brilliant products listed on other exchanges after their ICOs stage completed due to the ICO scamming issues.

In H&B, we sincerely welcome all legitimate ICO coins/tokens with brilliant and interesting project to list on H&B Exchange. In term of the evaluation toward the listing applications, we have high level of compliance policies in our internal evaluation toward those ICO coins/tokens. However, we also believes that the true value of the certain coins/tokens will be reflected by its market price where every investor can be part of the evaluation procedure after the coin/token is listed on our exchange.

In addition, as one of the unique features of H&B Exchange, users will receive sum amount of Airdrops from multiple ICO coins/tokens instead of individual distribution.

Our target during our grand opening during the summer of 2019 is having 100 types of coins/tokens Airdrop distributing out to our registered members and H&B Exchange strives to be one of the best exchanges for ICO establishers and traders.

About Us

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